Online Data Entry Services

Direct input of data in the appropriate data fields of a database, through the use of a human data-input device such as a keyboard, mouse, stylus, or touch screen, or through speech recognition software. See also data capture and data logging. (Via

What We Offer?

  • Business card indexing and business cards online data entry
  • Coupon redemptions online data entry
  • Creation of new databases and updates of existing databases for airlines, banks, direct marketing services and government agencies.
  • Data entry for credit card applications
  • Data entry from hand written documents
  • Data entry from hard or soft copies to any database format
  • Data entry from medical claim forms and hospital records like patient notes and accident reports.
  • Data mining and warehousing
  • Electronic bill of lading (e-BOL) generation services for logistics and shipping companies
  • Images online data entry
  • Indexing of vouchers and documents
  • Insurance claim forms online data entry
  • Online bills’ and receipts’ data entry
  • Surveys and survey forms
  • Online content conversion services
  • Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting and indexing for any type of data
  • Online data capture services and data entry for credit card applications
  • Online data entry for e-books
  • Online data entry for legal documents
  • Online data entry for mailing lists
  • Online data entry for product catalogs and product registration cards
  • Online data entry for survey forms and data entry from HTML pages
  • Online data entry of property for real estate agents
  • Online data entry of/into foreign languages
  • Online entry of customer feedback
  • Online numeric data entry, order entry and follow up, subscriptions data entry
  • PDF document indexing
  • Product registration cards’ online data entry
  • Receipts / bills online data entry
  • Shipping documents online data entry
  • Subscriptions online data entry

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